How to Score Maximum in CBSE Board Exam

1) Time management is skill which will be very useful during the examination. It means you should be knowing how much time need to be devoted to each question.  
2) The CBSE board question paper keeping the NCERT content as primary criteria. So, it is advised that before referring any study materials first go through every questions of NCERT. You need not refer other books if you are thorough with NCERT content.
3) Devote around 6-8 hours for studies on the daily basis.
4) Answer sheet should be neat and clean. This helps in getting top score from the examiner. Use different colour pen to write the important words so that examiner can get the feeling of the answer.
5) Do not play with your Health, Eating habits. Stick to the routine and follow normal health routine. Breathing exercise could be very helpful during this time
6) Revisions is very important. Go through important topics, formula. Prepare your short cheat sheet which you can go through one day before examination.
7)  Be positive and be confident. Take everything with a cool and positive mind.
8) Don’t try to attempt new topics before examination .It will make u stressful instead revise the topics which you have already done.
9) Solve as many CBSE class 12 physics sample papers.  The more you practice; you get a better idea how the possible question paper could be.
10) When you are done with the paper in examination, don’t rush immediately to examiner to submit it. It is advisable to check your answer sheet again and make sure you attempted the things properly and you have done the marking properly also.
11)  If you feel stuck with any question in the examination room, Stay cool and think again. If don’t get the answer in few minutes, go for next question.
12) It has been seen often writing in points instead of paragraph gives the examiner positive feeling about your sheet and result in getting top marks.
13) Finally, Be confident and take proper sleep on night before examination.
14) Take Care Of Your Health-Apart from your study and hard work, devote some time for meditation and keep your self relaxed.