Biology practical exam tips

Biology that deals with the study of the living world and living organisms wouldn’t be complete without practical classes. Whether you want to become a doctor or biotechnologist or simple ace your exams, remember to prepare for your Biology practical exams in addition to your preparation for Biology theory exams. Here are some tips

  1. Study the Biology theory that will form the basis of your experiments thoroughly
  2. The key to scoring high marks during a Biology practical exam is diagrams. Study from diagrams, revise from diagrams and practice drawing diagrams
  3. Spotting section can be scoring if you are familiar with the diagrams
  4. Knowing how to make correct sides is very important
  5. Understand the syllabus comprehensively so in each experiment/spotting you know what is to be done.
  6. Make a quick revision list for Biology practical preparation to revise the important points and concepts you need to know.
  7. Group study is helpful while preparing, each friend can describe an experiment while others try to identify the concept used in the experiment.
  8. Note down your experiment procedure carefully, many students lose marks. while writing the project notes in a hurry.

Although the Biology practical exam may seem easy, it’s important to devote some time to prepare, to help you score high in the overall Biology subject; theory and practical combined.